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Do you know my home?
You look at me blank, you don’t understand
I speak a language foreign
I try to explain
use my hands
but your wrinkled brow
answers my reason.

Do you know my home?
I’m looking for kin, longing for
another who knows our tongue.
I’m young in the language
our Brother taught
Love means
and faithfulness.

Do you know my home?
I’m looking for a companion
to walk this ancient road.
It’s covered with weeds and thorns
neglected by
those who didn’t know.

Our mother
wayward as she was
told us the way.
Ammi to her Husband
she nursed us in hope
and redemption.

Do you know my home?
Will you walk with me?
I’ll tell you a new way
where free means
you can bend your knee
wash feet
give dignity.

Do you know my home?
Won’t you walk with me?
There’s a way upside-down
where high is low
and lost is found
where least is greatest
and the King serves us.

Come with me friend
I’ll motion and sign
I’ll walk slow
and if you need to stop
I’ll take the time.

Come with me friend
I know you’ll see
the goodness of walking
this road with me.
And when we get home
our Brother we’ll meet.

7 thoughts on “Sojourner

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  1. Thanks Deborah! I find poetry to be a way for me to get out what I can’t seem to put into a sentence. It’s like concentrated thoughts. And it usually just flows. Poems don’t wait to be written. When one rises up in me, I just write it. I don’t always share, but I write it.

  2. Thank you Prasanta! I took a minute to look at your blog this morning… sound like a kindred spirit šŸ™‚ I’ll be following.

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