subversive hope


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If a kernel of wheat
in the dirt,
you said,
it will grow.

Here we are
under the dirt
in the dark
soiled milieu
of their waste
and death.

Here we are
They build
and sidewalks
concrete curbs
over us.

The weather
frozen days
and then
warmth again.

And here we are
starting to crack
shedding the shell
of our protection
loosing to all we lack.

But it’s still silent below.

Steps of boots
and heels
dropped phones
squealing wheels
horns blaring
curses out the window
asphalt covers where we
were silently sown.

Our stratification
raises a question-
Is there more
going on than
flattery, greed
oppression and boredom?

Everyone carries on
no one thinks to ask.
Like Dave said
they’re ants marching
busied by their tasks.

But below
here we are
pushing aside
dark earth
with pale
no pride.

We grow despite
the lack of light
and germinate
through concrete.

And when one
of them
passes by
and is drawn
by Providence’s eye
to look upon our
verdent head
pregnant with bloom
conquering our tomb,

they’ll bend down low
and stop marching
and see new life
amidst pride emerging
and they will know
in that moment
there is such a thing
as subversive hope.

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