Your face looks like Sarah

sky space moon outdoors
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Your round face laughed today
The earth not in the way

I grinned forgetting the weeks behind
When I saw the world and
Forgot you were alive

Tonight your face is cut in half
Now down to a sliver
The blinking electricity of this planet
Promising to deliver

Your grey glow on my cold face
As I set out in the dark of another day
Maybe there is hope?
Maybe I can make my way through wrath?
Your silver light shining on my path

I’m trying to remember your glow
Your hope in sorrow
But blinking complaints
And the spotlight of pressure to do more with less
Of an end no glimpse,
I forget

Laugh at the days to come?
How am I supposed to do that?

Sarah laughed unexpectedly
Scandalized by the promise
Of a son

But he came
As surely as you’ll see his face again
And she laughed even more
When she held him and bled on the floor

You up there in the dark expanse,
Mocking the night’s threats
The lesser light,
The bride dressed in white,
Your face looks like Sarah tonight

And you out there in the dark days
Where hidden evils sparkle
And selfish rights hide in the shadow
You set apart ones
Your light is lesser too
His brightness making your face like the moon

Look at the consuming fire
Do not cower
Break out a smile
Throw your head back
Let tears stream
While you release
A howl of joy even while you groan

Your face is a round glowing one
You look to the Son

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