When they asked who’s my one

alone branches bridge bright
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You’ve been my one since
that day in the car
when I was trying to teach you
the things Jesus taught me
at 16.

And then we got married.

And, when I was hungry for a feast,
where the good news is served
like roast beef and potatoes,
and the bread and wine
are broken and poured
so I can remember
I am one
of his,
you looked at me
like I was speaking Japanese.

You were my one then.

And for 25 years of walking
with you,
even walking away
from you,
even then I prayed
“God please!
Let him feast!”

Because you are my one.

And now,
when it seems we’ve crossed through
more battles than Gandalf
and find ourselves in
an okay place-
and wide,
no hill in sight,
and I’m tempted to
stop walking with you
and go find a mountain…

you’re still my one.

And one day,
one day I believe
he’s going to make you his.

Even if he doesn’t
let me reap
what I have sown in grief,
far be it from me
even if you’re far from me
to give up praying
that he would make you one of his.

“I will betroth you to me in faithfulness
and you will know the Lord.”

2 thoughts on “When they asked who’s my one

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  1. beautiful surrender…
    thank you for these words, Sheila, for my heart to surrender with you…

  2. Sheila- I thought I had problems being 0 for 2 with my girls a bi-polar unmedicated woman and a lesbian married to a woman with 3 kids. I also take medicine for a history of mental illness within my families. The one thing we don’t have in common is a desire for evangelism. After having been 0 for ——-
    For so many years I have decided for me that sharing my faith is for the birds. Perhaps you would like to read my word press blog, The World’s Worst Evangelical. My next article will be called “You Can’t Pray the Gay Away But You Can Sure Pray It In.” Have a blessed day.

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