Hope against hope

nature forest trees park
Photo by veeterzy on Pexels.com

How long till I see the fruit
of what I cannot see?

How many season? How many years?
What if it takes my whole life and then
I’m buried six feet under dirt and worms
and grass and
more seasons pass and…

I cannot see the future days
when there are no more weeds
no more thorns
no more seeds dead in the ground
just oaks of righteousness
plantings of the Lord
seas given way to forests
of branches clapping their hands
waving in the presence
of the scarred King
who once bore a crown
that pierced his brow and left
him dead upon a tree
and left him broken among
the rotting things
but could not keep him there.

I cannot see the future days when
this dying will bring life.
But I am putting all my hope
in his rising.

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