A Man You Shall Be


Son tomorrow you turn thirteen

Lemuel’s mother’s words sting

I know ways that destroy kings

And the man that I’m raising


Hot tears in my eyes

Lump in my throat

I plead with the Lord

Another story be wrote


I know there’s no keeping you from sin

While still in my womb sin was within


But I am your mother

God gave you to me

To raise not a boy

But a man you shall be


I am His daughter

Saved by his grace

Granted faith in our Savior

Charged to show you His way


So when you’re tempted

And enticed by these three

Flesh’s cravings, Eye’s lusts, Pride’s possessions

I pray you’ll remember your mother’s decree


“You are a sinner, you need a Savior, and Jesus is he!”


Remember Whose you are!

You’re not your mother’s

Nor your father’s

And you’re not your own


You bear the Imago Dei

You were created for him

Not for yourself, your dad or me


It is God’s plan

That I raise you to be a man

Fully aware of the dangers ahead

I look to the God of Abraham


Though his body was good as dead

He believed God

Who always does what He says

He who was able to produce life out of old Sarah

Is able to produce fruit out of his daughter’s labor


He is faithful to generations of those who love Him

He who made you my son

Is able to keep

You, who He has entrusted to me


Seek him while you are young son

And don’t waste your life

Remember your mom’s faith

And put your hope in Christ!

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