We Bear the Mark

Since the legalization of abortion 45 years ago millions of women have bought the lie that the death of this new life forming in them will somehow save theirs. And now they live with pain and shame and mocking of that lie. Today in thinking about being a woman, a mom, a sister, a daughter... Continue Reading →

Gianna Jessen- Abortion Survivor

The love of Christ for men and women... for human life comes through so beautifully and powerfully in this speech. I hadn't heard her before... all I can say is Wow! I-wanna-be-like-that-wow!Part 1Part 2"Men! You are made for greatness. You are made to stand up and be men. You are made to defend women and... Continue Reading →

Truth fails

Have you heard of this, Whale Wars? It's a new series on Animal Planet. I watched a piece of it the other day and here's what angered me. Here's a group of people who obviously are passionate about saving the lives of a creature God made... whales. They take great risks and go to great... Continue Reading →

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