Ecclesiastes and a Pandemic

I didn't keep a journal during this pandemic. I wish I had. I find myself scrolling back through my iPhone calendar trying to figure out how many days we've been like this. Arizona "reopened" on May 15th. We're eight days into gyms, restaurants and many retail stores being open for business. But life is by... Continue Reading →

Psalm 42- My paraphrase

Fathom Mag (my favorite Christian magazine) recently offered up a writing contest- your own paraphrase of a Psalm in honor of Eugene Peterson who recently went home. I didn't submit a piece to Fathom because I've done some re-prioritization this past couple weeks. I've stepped back from putting out effort to write anything besides my... Continue Reading →

Just keep reading

(Image credit: Paul Gauguin, Te Tamari No Atua (Nativity),1896) *Before I begin, you should really go to that image credit link and read about this painting of the Nativity.* I'm not a Bible scholar. I really enjoy reading and studying the Bible, but I don't have any formal education in the Bible.  I have had some... Continue Reading →

Sunday summary

(photo credit)Every Sunday when I get to go to church I leave with something from God's word pressing on me.  Every time.  But I don't always sit down and spend some time chewing on what struck me.  Being involved in a community group helps cause every Thursday our group talks about how the sermon impacted... Continue Reading →

3 lessons from a seminary podcast

I did a lot of driving yesterday and today.  The German Shepherd we rescued late last year was scheduled for neutering today in east Mesa, about an hour and 15 minutes of heavy traffic metropolis driving away. Driving on a six lane highway through Phoenix in 112 degree weather is not in my top 100,000... Continue Reading →

Sunday Thoughts

I want to be a better writer.   I've decided to challenge myself to a series of writing prompts, which I plan to post here. Writing for me is a way to digest life.  Reading what others have written is like going out to dinner.  Journaling is like making my own meal.  Writing publicly on... Continue Reading →

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