Oh for Stick-to-itiveness and Courage

There's a paragraph in A Long Obedience In The Same Direction by Eugene Peterson (which I have been away from for awhile, and came back to yesterday) where he talks about the not-so-fancy word: stick-to-it-iveness. He says his mom used to scold him for not possessing stick-to-itevness. He would leave various unfinished endeavors laying around... Continue Reading →

Just letting you know

Hey my fellow Found women!I just wanted to let you know some things.1. I fully intend to finish up a series I started on Matters of the Home. Not sure when I'll get to sit down and post, but, Lord willing, soon.2. Before I do that though I really want to finish the study through... Continue Reading →

Book finds

I have a couple of books I've been wanting to brag on for awhile.First I found this book: Country Wisdom and Know-How, Everything You Need to Know to Live off the Land, at Sam's Club the other day. I was so excited! I so want to live a "country wisdom know-how" life. I feel like... Continue Reading →

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