A hodge podge of thoughts

Proud man says, “Where is God? What God? There is no God!

Humble man says, “What is man that You, O God, are mindful of him? And the children of men that you visit them?

We are so proud.  We think we’re so big and smart and the center of the universe.  We think we know it all and if there is anything we don’t know we’ll explain it when we figure it out.

I like Bill Nye the Science Guy.  But he’s a guy.  He’s not God.  He’s not all knowing.  He’s not got the universe figured out.  Yet he says this with such faith.  And that’s just it, it’s faith.  He builds on what he believes is the unseen foundation of all we see.  He believes the foundation is random, purposeless, meaningless, chance, and change.

At least this lady and this guy are willing to say, “Hey, we don’t know everything, but we have faith in the One who does and we choose to believe in the elevating perspective of a Creator creating His creation.”  They also build on a foundation they can’t see.  Their foundation, and mine, is a loving Creator Who created me for a purpose and the trees for a purpose… and the sun… and the dog… and the humming bird, etc. 

Other tid bits:

I’ve been working on reading Robinson Crusoe.  It’s a very interesting read so far.  I am literary-classics illiterate.  I was supposed to read those in high school.  I didn’t.  I skimmed by.  I finished my senior year taking classes at a community college and finally started learning something.  So I’m a little late, but sophomore reading for Mrs. Spicer’s class here I come!

I’m 38 and I’m already starting to lament the “good ole days.”  Well, not really, there were no good ole days in the 80’s for me.  I guess its a matter of standards.

It seems to me personal responsibility is becoming as rare as a man opening the car door for his wife or sitting together at the dinner table as a family.  To suggest personal responsibility is to suggest one take on Mount Everest.  “I can’t do that!  You do it for me!”  That’s basically what I was told today when I “suggested” (told) a parent that their child was being excluded from school for not supplying the school with state-law-required immunization records.  A two week notice had been given, before that another two-week notice.  A grace period of the entire first quarter was given.  One would think that would be plenty of opportunity to work with to get the required document.  But I was told, “You do it.”  “You find a way to get the record… I don’t have time.”  Wow!  Very sad.

I screwed up this past two weeks.  I was supposed to return a purchase order card I had checked out from the district office before fall break within 48 hours of borrowing it.  It wasn’t until I pulled my driver’s licence out before boarding a plan to Oregon this past week that I realized I had forgotten to return the card.  When I got back to work yesterday I returned it to the district with my apologies and admission that I had no excuse.  I forgot.  I fully expected some kind of reprimand.  I got none.  I still expect it.  It’s my responsibility, I didn’t do what I was supposed to do.  That’s so freeing.  It’s so freeing to confess, accept responsibility and move on.  Letting a bunch of responsibilities go unfulfilled while making a bunch of excuses as to why one can’t fulfill their responsibilities and pushing off the responsibility onto someone else is bondage!