Fiction Friday: The Monk and the Fisherman

The vow of silence wasn't hard for Chip.  He lived among the pines, spruce and aspen of the Apache Sitgreaves Blue Range Primitive Area.  The sound of wind rushing through the aspen leaves and the song of the swallows created an instrumental background that breeds a peace utter silence cannot.  Chip's life consisted of going... Continue Reading →

Danette’s ordinary day

Ordinary. That's the sum of the events occurring so far in Danette's day.Up a 5:30 am. Sweats on. Hubby up. Shower running in the background while she whips up breakfast. Kids tumbling into the lighting-up living room with their blankies and bears already whining, "Mom, I'm hungry!"Fast-forward an hour...breakfast is finished, husband is gone to... Continue Reading →

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