An explosion of praise reading Job

Job's story always gets me.  I feel so much of the sense that, "This just isn't right!  This guy didn't deserve this!"  And at the same time the sense that, "This is how God works.  He is working something eternal and wonderful in us through suffering." I don't claim to know even a fraction of… Continue reading An explosion of praise reading Job

Advent day 1: Believing God’s Promises

It's almost midnight.Everyone's asleep. The tree is up.  The front porch has lights.  And 3 out of 4 Advent candles are on the table. Advent has meant more and more to me over the years.  It really is a gift from God that I treasure. It started when Ryland was born.  10 years ago (almost… Continue reading Advent day 1: Believing God’s Promises

A meditation on saving my life

"See it as a chance to die."It's what I heard walking in the back door after kicking my shoes off with the scattered shoes from every other person in my family. I saw all those shoes, not even in simple pile, and thought of all the times I've bent over to pick up shoes and… Continue reading A meditation on saving my life

So basically you are your dad with female parts. – An un-named spouse

I had a dentist appointment yesterday that ended in scheduling two crowns at the cost of $1000! Four of my teeth have old fillings from 1980 something which now have deep fissures.  Two of them have been causing me quite a bit of pain.I had the first eye exam of my life today.  Got tired… Continue reading So basically you are your dad with female parts. – An un-named spouse