Martha and I

Every time I read the account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, I'm taken back by his exchange with Martha. I see in Martha's words my inevitable human inclination to not get God yet act like I've got him figured out.It's what Martha says.  Jesus has finally showed up at the scene of his... Continue Reading →


It's a hard and heavy thing. But I wouldn't want the Rock of my life to be anything else. I wouldn't want my Rock to be soft when hurricanes or cancer or an abandoning spouse or a present unbelieving one or disrespectful kids or scorpion infested apartments or anything else that shatters a person's foundation... Continue Reading →

The problem of evil

I was asked tonight why God doesn't end the evil now, why wait? I was asked why pray to a God who is going to let evil continue?  "Why pray He's not going to change His mind, He's going to do whatever He's going to do anyway!"I feel like I failed miserably in my attempts... Continue Reading →

What are you learning?

Whoa! What a day!What am I learning?Where do I start?I'm continuing my reading through the Psalms and have been really impressed by the emphasis in the Psalms on God's trustworthiness when it comes to making sure right is done by His kids... even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.I've also been recalling... Continue Reading →

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