Honestly, I’m drooping

Nine years ago I started keeping a journal which I only write in at the end of the year. The word "faith" is on the cover. It's where I write reflections on the year and my prayers and longings for the year to come.I read through the previous years' entries. As I look back there's... Continue Reading →

Just letting you know

Hey my fellow Found women!I just wanted to let you know some things.1. I fully intend to finish up a series I started on Matters of the Home. Not sure when I'll get to sit down and post, but, Lord willing, soon.2. Before I do that though I really want to finish the study through... Continue Reading →

2008 Year End Thoughts

As I face the new coming year I'm thinking about what I want to leave behind and I'm listening to the Spirit's quiet voice as I hold up my Lamp for my feet and my Light for my path to guide as I step into the darkness before me.I want to leave behind my schemes... Continue Reading →

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