Bedside nurse

(Image Credit) It's a small army I see two or three days a week. While it's dark and cold we march in uniform, feet shod with shoes ready to keep a steady clip for the next thirteen hours. The building we raid looms tall and overwhelming, pregnant with arrhythmias calls for help to the bathroom... Continue Reading →

Nursing : A ministry of dignity

(image credit) I'm up late. Tomorrow I'll start working night shifts at the hospital where I work as an Acute Rehabilitation nurse. It's just temporary through the end of the year when I'll complete my BSN... finally ( it only took 18 years). I'm up late doing research for my Capstone project. It's about how... Continue Reading →

Nurses, we are our patients

Friday the 13th I became a patient at the hospital where I work.  I had a robotic total hysterectomy with salpingectomy and cystoscopy.  After years of battling endometriosis, and recently bleeding, pain and fibroid issues I decided it was time for the worn out organ to go. Being on the other side of the patient/nurse... Continue Reading →

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