Preparing to Remember

Today I'm preparing to remember what the blood of Christ, my Passover Lamb, did for me. I'll be remembering, reflecting, meditating... worshipping in the presence of children who only know the story through me, and with a listening Philippian jailer.I'm praying for an earthquake! I'm praying for walls to fall! I'm praying for a prostituted… Continue reading Preparing to Remember

Timothy Mom Thoughts: Learning about The Lamb through Passover

****WARNING! THIS POST HAS SOME IMAGES THAT YOU MIGHT FIND OFFENSIVE OF A SLAIN LAMB****(image found here)"1 Now the LORD gave the following instructions to Moses and Aaron while they were still in the land of Egypt... 3 Announce to the whole community that on the tenth day of this month each family just choose… Continue reading Timothy Mom Thoughts: Learning about The Lamb through Passover