Love O’ God In Clover

Oh Ireland, I am your daughterGenerations removed but not the wonderDrawn to your lore and mysteryI’ve dreamed of you across the sea. I am a mut, a mix of kinGrown up in Poor Town, OregonMy father’s chin, red beard covered,Reminds me of a special clover I walked along a mossy pathIn Oregon’s green wildernessMy broken... Continue Reading →

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Photo by Gotta Be Worth It on I saw his determined face on every screen, today. I wonder if I have a clue. I'm far removed from dark scars on backs, and Souls that bellowed gospel songs in groans. I have no idea how it feels to be beaten for drinking from the "whites... Continue Reading →

Ashes, ashes

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on When my thoughts go to your younger years and I hear your deep voice cursing the time, my eyes fill with hot tears and I wonder if singing Jesus Loves Me with you as a toddler was enough. I lit a fire this New Year and watched the hot... Continue Reading →


You could shine your face on me and I would be rescued from this degree of pain I can’t escape. But you don’t. You show me trees and leaves and shine light through the breeze and make fire in the branches with rays from the expanse of your power. And I’m tired. But I’ll wait.... Continue Reading →

A weight of glory

This morning before I headed out the door for work, when you were about to jump in your truck and drive to school, I looked up at your face anxious about what you don’t want to face, curious about what you won’t say until it’s too late and then you’ll want to find a way... Continue Reading →

This year

This year I watched the world burnwith anger and liesI watched my sons wallow in the mireand I prayed. This year I watched my friends build theories about conspiraciesand I watched my neighbors wave their flags high. This year I heard cries for justice from the least of us among us and felt strange disdain... Continue Reading →

In me

Photo by Pixabay on there's a dancer a singer a crafter a word-wielder In me there's a hospital builder a wound washer a home maker a child discipler In me there's a shepherdess a prophetess a pianist a lyricist In me there's a warrior a defender a rescuer a runner a strong-armed carrier In... Continue Reading →

Whatever you do this Christmas

Come with your indifference with your mocking with your doubts with your questions come with your lies with your rejection with your acceptance with your imperfections come with your health with your doctrine with your thoughts with your past come with your burdens with your poverty with your riches with your fear whatever you do... Continue Reading →

The good of Christmas lights

Light it upLook hereThe darkness has to flee Let it shineLet it glowLet the love of Christ showLet the things that hideBe exposed Let the things that runCome back no more Let the glory of the LordCapture every eyeBurst from every doorBefore he rises like the sunAnd reigns forevermore

What motherhood was meant for

It was never intended for you to be mine Only that my womb would be the secret place where you were knit Only that my body would bear the pain that gave you breath. It was never meant that I would get to keep you close Only that my days would be crouched low telling... Continue Reading →

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