The mis-education of a small-town white girl

I pulled back the blankets exposing his contracted arm and dark chest. He turned his greying head away from me. I told him my name and what I was about to do. I would bath his arms and upper body, then his lower.  I'd help him get dressed and sit at the kitchen table where some… Continue reading The mis-education of a small-town white girl

Confessions of a white evangelical woman

I guess the people that decide such things would categorize me as a white evangelical. Depending on what you read or who you ask, in our current social context, that might sound like I'm a Trump-voting, Religious-Right, conservative Republican.  I'm none of those.  But I am white, and I am a Christian- by the amazing… Continue reading Confessions of a white evangelical woman

we need to listen. and shut our mouths.

The other day while driving to my oldest son's baseball game, this story came on the radio.  It's about the producers memories of going on a tour of The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.  She recalls with audible disturbance, the traumatic memory she has from her school tours through the museum… Continue reading we need to listen. and shut our mouths.

Around the house and Charlottesville

Current happenings:1) Today is my first day of unscheduled activity since July 1st.  I napped.  Read a book for leisure. And went to the gym late.2) Yesterday I received a $2000 scholarship from the Sun Health Foundation for use towards my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. I'm very thankful there are people in the community… Continue reading Around the house and Charlottesville

Because I work night shift and my soul is in a night shift and I’m a watchman

When you wake up at 1 pm after working two night shifts you don't much know what to say or do. But when you sit down to read the news, and you see riots, and genocide, and terror, and then for a split second, you let the reality of the dark things that tempt you… Continue reading Because I work night shift and my soul is in a night shift and I’m a watchman