A Man You Shall Be

Tomorrow, my youngest son turns 13.  His birth came at such a memorable time in my life. It was two days after Christmas and my marriage was in shambles. But God was with me!  God with us, who we celebrate at Christmas, was filling me with hope when I should have been in despair.  He… Continue reading A Man You Shall Be

Memorial Day: Remembering when you don’t remember

(photo credit)I'm a generation X-er.  The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the Shock and Awe headlines of March 2003, are the acts of war I remember.   And as close to home as the 9/11 attacks and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan have been to me, no one close to me has… Continue reading Memorial Day: Remembering when you don’t remember

Sundays just aren’t the same

It's really beautiful out tonight.I broke the normal Sunday night routine of dishes, laundry and dispatching children to the shower to get ready for work and school on Monday to come sit out on the patio and think, which means write, for a bit.I'm really bummed about how Sunday's have turned out for me and… Continue reading Sundays just aren’t the same