Yeah, I’m sitting here playing

I have been sitting here playing around with my blog.  My abandoned blog.  Turkey is in the oven.  Our turkey is farm-raised, free-range from my neighbor across the alley. I watched her grow.  The neighbor did the dirty work and traded me 3 loaves of soap for this beauty of a turkey. Of course, my tried... Continue Reading →


I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.- Psalm 9:1(My guy's current project: a small barn)It's Thanksgiving eve and the house is asleep. We have a couple of young guests tonight. My friend had surgery today and so we got to hang out with... Continue Reading →

Pinterestic Life?

I woke up this morning like most mornings- morose, fighting depressing, fatalistic thoughts. Not hopeful. Not joyful. Not positive.I don't say this because I'm looking for pity or to be a downer. I say it because I'm a mom who writes a blog in a world full of mom-blogs with pretty pictures and chic designs... Continue Reading →

Of life without a down side

One day I'll get to endlessly experience life without the down side.  I was thinking about that on this beautifully cool, gray, drizzling morning. I was awakened this morning by, "Get up!  The cat peed on the bed!"  Yeah.  That's the definition of waking up on the wrong side of the bed.  In fact, they... Continue Reading →

Joy for me

It really is true: There is no greater joy than to know that your children walk in the truth.Tonight, tucking the boys in bed, "Let's pray," initiates faces to pillows and hands folded for one child followed by, "God. Thank you for the ability to throw a baseball. And thank you that I have a... Continue Reading →

It’s easy to miss

Tonight I caught myself moping.I was comparing my problems to others and thinking they had nothing to complain about. Boy is that a slippery slope! It's a fast ride down to the pool of depression. But thank the Lord I caught myself. Actually He caught me and said, "Thank Me for the grace I give... Continue Reading →

Giving thanks brainstorm

Thank YOU Jesus...You are God. The One who knows what it feels like to be in a fallen place, in a fallen body. Who knows sorrow, rejection, grief and pain. Who suffered for all my mistakes, sin and crooked nature just so I could know God and be made right, the way You created me... Continue Reading →

Holiday Traditions and Ideas

I LOOOOOOOVE the holidays!!! I really enjoy "special" days of any kind, and am just generally a sap for memorable events or get togethers. But what really gives me the jollies is the opportunity to widely, joyfully, and decoratingly (is that a word?) proclaim the wonder of God and His Salvation this time of year.Christmas... Continue Reading →

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