Thinking of Julie

Summer break is over. The kids begin their first full week of school tomorrow. The first day of school was Wednesday last week. Made for a nice testing of the waters before the full fledged dive in this week. I've had much on my mind. Heavy things. Hard things. I can't speak it. I can't write... Continue Reading →

Road trip day #1

Today after church we began our annual road trip to "Oregon"... We always say that but really it's initially a road trip to Redding, CA where my sister lives. Eventually we get to Oregon.In the past, I'd wake the kids early in the morning, load them in the car, and we make it closer to... Continue Reading →

Josiah Conder, 1836

" 'Tis not that I did choose Thee,For Lord, that could not be;This heart would still refuse Thee,Hadst Thou not chosen me...My heart owns none before Thee,For Thy rich grace I thirst;This knowing, if I love Thee,Thou must have loved me first."Oh can you hear my heart!? I love You Jesus, but only because You... Continue Reading →

Truth fails

Have you heard of this, Whale Wars? It's a new series on Animal Planet. I watched a piece of it the other day and here's what angered me. Here's a group of people who obviously are passionate about saving the lives of a creature God made... whales. They take great risks and go to great... Continue Reading →

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