Where I’m at today and What I’m learning

Where I'm atI'm over at Exemplify Online's blog today with my LOGOS series, talking about longsuffering. Come visit me and the other ladies at Exemplify! Oh, and be sure to download your FREE copy of February's Exemplify e-zine. It's loaded with love and lovely articles!!Look for my article at Exemplify in February~~~~~~~~~~~~What I'm LearningGina is... Continue Reading →

What are you learning?

Whoa! What a day!What am I learning?Where do I start?I'm continuing my reading through the Psalms and have been really impressed by the emphasis in the Psalms on God's trustworthiness when it comes to making sure right is done by His kids... even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.I've also been recalling... Continue Reading →

What are you learning?

I'm late in joining the "What are you learning?" segment at Gina's place today (Chat's With an "Old Lady"). But I really need to sit down and reflect on what I was touched by this morning. I so want my heart to be changed! Be sure to go over to Chat's With An "Old Lady"... Continue Reading →

What are you learning?

I'm really excited about this new feature over at my friend Gina's place (Chat's With An "Old" Lady). I need, I think we all need, to turn our eyes often to what the Spirit of the Lord is teaching us through His Word. And it seems right now I need to more than ever!Reading this... Continue Reading →

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