Where I’m at today and What I’m learning

Where I'm atI'm over at Exemplify Online's blog today with my LOGOS series, talking about longsuffering. Come visit me and the other ladies at Exemplify! Oh, and be sure to download your FREE copy of February's Exemplify e-zine. It's loaded with love and lovely articles!!Look for my article at Exemplify in February~~~~~~~~~~~~What I'm LearningGina is… Continue reading Where I’m at today and What I’m learning

What I’m Learning About Prayer and Fasting

*Be sure to head over to Gina's place, Chats With an "Old Lady", to share what you're learning as you study God's word and walk with Christ.*I touched on prayer and fasting last week, just enough to say I wanted to share what I've been learning on the subject and was surprised that some of… Continue reading What I’m Learning About Prayer and Fasting