Sunday Thoughts

I want to be a better writer.   I've decided to challenge myself to a series of writing prompts, which I plan to post here. Writing for me is a way to digest life.  Reading what others have written is like going out to dinner.  Journaling is like making my own meal.  Writing publicly on... Continue Reading →

Let Down by God?

This past Sunday I stood in a high school theatre with dozens of people I don't know looking up at the screen where the band was projecting the words to the songs we were singing to God:You're never gonna letNever gonna let me downYou're never gonna letNever gonna let me downWhen I get to church,... Continue Reading →

Christmas madness?

I did some copying work for my 5th grader's teachers today, and then ate lunch with both my boys. On my way out the building a woman who has worked as a crossing guard there for a long time greeted me and threw in, "All the Christmas madness got to you yet?" My response was,... Continue Reading →


(Pics from last year's Oregon trip)We spent almost the entire day at the new house but never managed to see much of each other. The boys were out on the back half of the acre most of the day either digging for treasure, shooting at ant hills with the BB gun, or chasing each other... Continue Reading →

All the way!

He leads me... even when I walk thru the dark valley of death... -Psalm 23:2b,4aI just left the city pool where I watched my youngest take his swimming lesson. Two bleacher sets down, my estranged husband sat with my oldest.We've been separated for over a year after 16 years of marriage and 5 years of... Continue Reading →

What do I know of Holy

I made You promises a thousand timesI tried to hear from HeavenBut I talked the whole timeI think I made You too smallI never feared You at all NoIf You touched my face would I know You?Looked into my eyes could I behold You?(CHORUS)What do I know of YouWho spoke me into motion?Where have I... Continue Reading →

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