I am woman

pexels-photo-619949.jpegA lot of bad things happen to women because men abuse their power.  And a lot of women use their power to do bad things. And in both cases we have believed a lie about who we are. Lying to women about who they are has been a tactic of evil since the beginning (Genesis 3). This world is harsh and deceiving. And being a woman without Christ is like being a person with amnesia, never knowing who you really are. But in Christ, being a woman is wonder!

Not that the church has always gotten right the value and dignity and worth of women.  And not the the rest of the world or it’s various cultures have gotten it right either.  But the God of the Bible designed womanhood.  And he made it very good.  He also cursed it and made it very hard.  But he redeemed it and so it is a confident joy to be a woman in Christ.

The true church is a bunch of ragamuffin people from all different demographics throughout time.  And among these shabby sheep there have been, and still are wolves, making themselves out to be one of us.  And they have set out to tarnish the name of Christ.  One way they have done that is by treating women wrong and not honoring them as equal bearers of the image of the Living God.  But the God of the Bible has never gotten it wrong.  He has clearly given us his word that we are his image bearers and are called, albeit through much suffering, to share in his grace-filled eternal life.  He has a special eye of love and fervor for women and children when they are abandoned and mistreated by men. Christ has also never gotten it wrong. He has demonstrated what servant-leadership and self-sacrificial love looks like.

Christ has redeemed our broken womanhood.  He has given us a new identity worth more than anything this world offers.  We don’t have to prove our strength by our buff arms, or ability to do jobs our culture has historically said are for men only.  We don’t have to prove our power by manipulating others with sex, or taking positions the world calls enviable.  There is no glass ceiling for Christian women.  We stand strong, thankful, powerful and loved because we are women, made in the image of God, redeemed by Christ who saw us when we sold ourselves for what power, pleasure and possessions we could have now.  As a Christian woman, all my worth and identity is wrapped up in Christ.  I am Christ’s and he is mine and there’s nothing and no one that can take that away from me.

Being Christ’s enables me to stand for the truth even the powers that be try to quiet me. Being Christ’s makes me able to take the position of servant and not feel threatened.  As Jesus laid down his life willingly, I can lay down mine.  I know who I am.  I know whose I am.  I know where I’ve come from.  And I know where I’m going.  I can love those who betray me.  Like seriously… love them!  Want their good.  I don’t need the world’s idea of power.  I don’t need a “man’s” job.  I am a woman.

Within me there’s a cry that Elizabeth Elliot titled one of her books, “Let me be a woman!”  But that’s only because I feel the pressure from all sides to be more like a man.  Even from the people who say their fighting for women’s rights.   Without Christ, I do want to be more like a man.  I want power.  I don’t want to have to suffer so much in my body to give another person life.  But because of Christ I have everything!  My identity is rock-solid.  I know who I am. So I can be a woman.