Whatever you do this Christmas

Come with your indifference with your mocking with your doubts with your questions come with your lies with your rejection with your acceptance with your imperfections come with your health with your doctrine with your thoughts with your past come with your burdens with your poverty with your riches with your fear whatever you do... Continue Reading →

For a doubting son

Another dusk another day of errands and planning, dishes and laundry, texts from you to pick you up- tutoring was over. But class is still in session. The teacher is trying to answer your questions. You can’t see him, but you believe, you think. You doubt. You have questions. But it’s another dusk and the... Continue Reading →


I always look up when I talk to you The dark sky speckled with stars- so far. My little words from this two foot plot don't travel much. Certainly not way up there. I hang my head. Do you hear little speck-of-dust me? I close my eyes. You seem so too far. But the word... Continue Reading →

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