Suffocate Death

Lord, it's too much Too much evil Too much death Too much weight Weight my chest can't bear I know you say, "Bring it here" But when I try I can't lift it I can't speak it It can't stay this way I don't know how to Open my mouth and say All the pain... Continue Reading →

A phase of the waiting bride

You look like a captive, a kidnapped woman with a black cloth tied, covering your eyes. You look scared. I can see your mouth, your face turned away trying to hide from what you cannot see. You look hopeless. But I know your pattern. I know this cycle you go through- phases of light shining... Continue Reading →

He fled

All this time I shrunk back. I heard the low rumble of his growl I remembered the pain The times he blamed and enticed me to curse God and die. I remembered sinking in the sand he told me was solid ground. And I pulled back. There is a lion out there in the street.... Continue Reading →

I was Much Afraid too

My sister prodded. She was brave charging through boundaries turning carts of questions safely hidden in my head. I knew why. I knew. It was an assumption- I'd get married. Have kids... do whatever my parents did. It weighed on me, even at ten. This idea that I would acquiesce my life accepting my fearful... Continue Reading →

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