Conspiracy and 5 Christian Responses When Suspicions Rise

When you shake a cup, what comes out reveals what's been in there all along. The global corona virus pandemic has brought out the suspicion, anger and conspiracy theories in many. I've been thinking about why so many of us are given to believing or promoting conspiracy theories. Folks who do so seem to be… Continue reading Conspiracy and 5 Christian Responses When Suspicions Rise

Get up! Lift them up! Take them by the hand!

There's a story in Genesis that grabs me. Abraham and Sarah used their servant Hagar in their unbelief to get for themselves the child God promised. But when Sarah finally gave birth to the son God had promised, they sent Hagar and her son Ismael away into the desert. In Genesis 21:8-21, the story goes… Continue reading Get up! Lift them up! Take them by the hand!

A phase of the waiting bride

You look like a captive, a kidnapped woman with a black cloth tied, covering your eyes. You look scared. I can see your mouth, your face turned away trying to hide from what you cannot see. You look hopeless. But I know your pattern. I know this cycle you go through- phases of light shining… Continue reading A phase of the waiting bride

I was Much Afraid too

My sister prodded. She was brave charging through boundaries turning carts of questions safely hidden in my head. I knew why. I knew. It was an assumption- I'd get married. Have kids... do whatever my parents did. It weighed on me, even at ten. This idea that I would acquiesce my life accepting my fearful… Continue reading I was Much Afraid too

A mother’s prayer for her sons on the first day of high school

It's the first day of school around here. My 6'3" firstborn walked out the door to start his sophomore year, hands in jean pockets, looking at his boots, one ear bud in, one draped over the other ear, baseball cap and t-shirt sporting his athletic cowboy look. My 5'10" freckle-faced, fair-skinned and just-as-sensitive-in-heart son walked… Continue reading A mother’s prayer for her sons on the first day of high school