Arguing with a sovereign God: Confessions of a back talker

Today at church a guest pastor preached.  And I mean preached. And it hit me right upside the head. Both this week and last my pastor, and the pastor who preached today, brought a message about the sovereignty of God and how it is that people come to salvation by God's election from Romans 9.… Continue reading Arguing with a sovereign God: Confessions of a back talker

God’s sovereignty and bridges

We went to the gym as a family today.  It's a new stage of life for us.  Both of our sons are now tall young men.  My husband is the resident personal trainer and all things fitness in our family.  If it were up to me, we'd all just put on flip-flops and go for… Continue reading God’s sovereignty and bridges

The Mother of Moses: Preaching my essay to myself this morning

This is the second week of high school for my two fast-becoming-men sons. I dropped them off feeling that familiar threat, "They're never going to believe you Sheila. They're never going to love Jesus."  That voice of accusation, lies and hopelessness that likes to try and tempt me to give up.  Whatever that means. But… Continue reading The Mother of Moses: Preaching my essay to myself this morning

walk with me

Prone to wander lusting comfort you show up bidding me to walk with Suffer. Shrinking back I do not like to think about risks, adventure much less Suffer. But you kneel down with tender gaze take off my flip flops saying, "These can't stay." "You'll need a shoe fit for travel. Sometimes rough terrain sometimes… Continue reading walk with me

A fire that burns what won’t last and strengthens what can never be destroyed

My sister, brother-in-law and their two sons (my precious nephews) live in Redding, CA.  This past few days have been traumatic, but thankfully they did not loose their home to the Carr fire. Many of their friends are sifting through ashes of what's left of their homes. It's truly devastating to hear what they are facing.… Continue reading A fire that burns what won’t last and strengthens what can never be destroyed

Whatever is lovely- 5 for your weekend

Depression, in my family, is inherited along with steely blue eyes, long limbs and a weak chin. It's something I write about not infrequently.  But I'm not always depressed. With the help of medication and intentional acts of setting my mind on things good, true and lovely, as God's word so wisely instructs, I have… Continue reading Whatever is lovely- 5 for your weekend


Do you know my home? You look at me blank, you don't understand I speak a language foreign I try to explain point use my hands but your wrinkled brow answers my reason. Do you know my home? I'm looking for kin, longing for another who knows our tongue. I'm young in the language our… Continue reading Sojourner

A theology of loving your unbelieving spouse

A Facebook friend recently asked a question after reading my piece about the 8 words. Her question in essence was, "How does God want you to love your husband when he doesn't share the same love of Christ you have?" I'm not a seminary graduate, but as my pastor says, I am a theologian.  We all… Continue reading A theology of loving your unbelieving spouse

5 helps for hard, I mean, all marriages

In September my husband and I will have been married for 25 years.  And that's no testimony to our skill, secrets or practices.  We've done just about everything wrong.  And making it this long is no guarantee that we'll make it another 25 years.  When our friends ask how we'er doing, I tell them our… Continue reading 5 helps for hard, I mean, all marriages