My Psalm

How long? How many more days do I have to cry bitterly asking you how long? My heart is sick my hope is deferred my heart hopes for what I can't conjure. How long must I try to find a quiet place to get away from the constant strain of this yoke pulling me one... Continue Reading →

Psalm 13

How long, O Lord? How long must I watch as the seed I just planted is picked at and analyzed by the one who should be watering it? How long until this ache I keep assessing for signs of real cardiac pain, not the other heart that's aching in me, stops fibrilating and starts resting... Continue Reading →

Oh for Shalom

Oh for understanding each other for accepting our differences no, embracing them. Oh for fulfillment when we can serve others and not feel depleted. Oh for contentment with our status no striving for what's our neighbors. Oh for a deep breath for rest for no resentment. Oh for a joy that blooms in our hearts... Continue Reading →


Do you know my home? You look at me blank, you don't understand I speak a language foreign I try to explain point use my hands but your wrinkled brow answers my reason. Do you know my home? I'm looking for kin, longing for another who knows our tongue. I'm young in the language our... Continue Reading →

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