For James, on your 50th birthday

You aren't much for words or celebrations. You prefer actions- everyday manifestations of whatever this thing called love is. You're not sure anyway so why get bogged down in the party plans trying to figure it out or the essays of "I love yous" people say to each other like the courtesy, "How do you... Continue Reading →

Learn from my mistakes

I've been married for over 26 years to a man I deeply love, a man who doesn't love Jesus with me. Through our hard marriage, God has helped me see the error of my ways and led me in better ways when it comes to loving my husband.  This morning, one of the typical tests... Continue Reading →

A response to the Song of Songs

She is something beautiful among the hard and painful things He is something fruitful among the shadows. I keep looking for a glimpse of you waiting to exhale when you dawn waiting to bloom when the shadow is gone

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