Bedside nurse

(Image Credit) It's a small army I see two or three days a week. While it's dark and cold we march in uniform, feet shod with shoes ready to keep a steady clip for the next thirteen hours. The building we raid looms tall and overwhelming, pregnant with arrhythmias calls for help to the bathroom... Continue Reading →

Nursing : A ministry of dignity

(image credit) I'm up late. Tomorrow I'll start working night shifts at the hospital where I work as an Acute Rehabilitation nurse. It's just temporary through the end of the year when I'll complete my BSN... finally ( it only took 18 years). I'm up late doing research for my Capstone project. It's about how... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a comfort addict

I'm getting nervous ya'll. On Monday I start the capstone class for my BSN. I've been trying to sit with this uneasiness and discern where it's coming from.  I've decided it's just the discomfort of being stretched beyond my zone. I'm a comfort addict.  And a chronic conflict-avoider. Those scriptures about God being the God... Continue Reading →

Nurses, you’re doing God’s work!

The idea of serving others in Christianity is unique in that it's not the lowly who are called to serve because of their low position.  The call to serve is for those who would be the greatest. When Jesus was describing the unique way his people would lead, he said: "You know that the rulers... Continue Reading →

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