Suffocate Death

Lord, it's too much Too much evil Too much death Too much weight Weight my chest can't bear I know you say, "Bring it here" But when I try I can't lift it I can't speak it It can't stay this way I don't know how to Open my mouth and say All the pain... Continue Reading →

It stings

I once had a splinter of wood deep in the tip of my thumb. I thought it healed. But pain continued where the conniving shard had been. Red, tender flesh pushed up like play-dough pressed through a hole in a toy. This wart-looking-thing festered bled and hurt so bad, I sought a doctor. The doctor... Continue Reading →

Psalm 13

How long, O Lord? How long must I watch as the seed I just planted is picked at and analyzed by the one who should be watering it? How long until this ache I keep assessing for signs of real cardiac pain, not the other heart that's aching in me, stops fibrilating and starts resting... Continue Reading →

5 helps for hard, I mean, all marriages

In September my husband and I will have been married for 25 years.  And that's no testimony to our skill, secrets or practices.  We've done just about everything wrong.  And making it this long is no guarantee that we'll make it another 25 years.  When our friends ask how we'er doing, I tell them our... Continue Reading →

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