Nursing : A ministry of dignity

(image credit) I'm up late. Tomorrow I'll start working night shifts at the hospital where I work as an Acute Rehabilitation nurse. It's just temporary through the end of the year when I'll complete my BSN... finally ( it only took 18 years). I'm up late doing research for my Capstone project. It's about how… Continue reading Nursing : A ministry of dignity

I’m not a medication technician. I’m a nurse.

I met him at the time clock. "How are you?" "Great, now."  He smiled reaching for the barcode side of his badge to swipe out. It was the end of our shifts. He worked the observation unit where patients stay in the hospital for less than 24 hours.  He admitted 4, discharged 4, so had… Continue reading I’m not a medication technician. I’m a nurse.

A PSA from a short-of-breath nurse: Don’t go to the hospital to get pampered.

(Image credit here) Amidst the cacauphony of I.V. alarms, bed alarms, chair alarms, call bells, overhead pages for code blue, code purple, stroke alert, ringing phones and the chatter of nurses, nurse's aids, doctors, therapists and social workers, a nephrologist walks up behind me at the nurse's station where I'm trying to get a handle… Continue reading A PSA from a short-of-breath nurse: Don’t go to the hospital to get pampered.

Nurses, we are our patients

Friday the 13th I became a patient at the hospital where I work.  I had a robotic total hysterectomy with salpingectomy and cystoscopy.  After years of battling endometriosis, and recently bleeding, pain and fibroid issues I decided it was time for the worn out organ to go. Being on the other side of the patient/nurse… Continue reading Nurses, we are our patients