This year

This year I watched the world burnwith anger and liesI watched my sons wallow in the mireand I prayed. This year I watched my friends build theories about conspiraciesand I watched my neighbors wave their flags high. This year I heard cries for justice from the least of us among us and felt strange disdain... Continue Reading →

In me

Photo by Pixabay on there's a dancer a singer a crafter a word-wielder In me there's a hospital builder a wound washer a home maker a child discipler In me there's a shepherdess a prophetess a pianist a lyricist In me there's a warrior a defender a rescuer a runner a strong-armed carrier In... Continue Reading →

Whatever you do this Christmas

Come with your indifference with your mocking with your doubts with your questions come with your lies with your rejection with your acceptance with your imperfections come with your health with your doctrine with your thoughts with your past come with your burdens with your poverty with your riches with your fear whatever you do... Continue Reading →

The good of Christmas lights

Light it upLook hereThe darkness has to flee Let it shineLet it glowLet the love of Christ showLet the things that hideBe exposed Let the things that runCome back no more Let the glory of the LordCapture every eyeBurst from every doorBefore he rises like the sunAnd reigns forevermore

What motherhood was meant for

It was never intended for you to be mine Only that my womb would be the secret place where you were knit Only that my body would bear the pain that gave you breath. It was never meant that I would get to keep you close Only that my days would be crouched low telling... Continue Reading →

The 4th with a plague

It's 110 degrees there's a significant wind moving the leaves of our sissoos and elms. From the window outside looks inviting I'm tired of being inside tired of air conditioning and my couch I want to feel some heat, some breeze something Watermelon that's what I want I'll go get a watermelon "I'm going to... Continue Reading →

Suffocate Death

Lord, it's too much Too much evil Too much death Too much weight Weight my chest can't bear I know you say, "Bring it here" But when I try I can't lift it I can't speak it It can't stay this way I don't know how to Open my mouth and say All the pain... Continue Reading →


I have the ability to detach let the fog roll in and relax into oblivion. But the flowers on my table and the crisp, cool morning air draw me back to beauty. I have the ability to check-out and act like everything is fine. I can move and watch myself carry on. Pressing on. Walking... Continue Reading →

It stings

I once had a splinter of wood deep in the tip of my thumb. I thought it healed. But pain continued where the conniving shard had been. Red, tender flesh pushed up like play-dough pressed through a hole in a toy. This wart-looking-thing festered bled and hurt so bad, I sought a doctor. The doctor... Continue Reading →

New birth memorial

I don't ever want to forget tonight when you told me "Someone else is King, not me" and you bent your knee to He. I don't ever want this memory to fade I want it as bright as the new day that will dawn tomorrow I want to tattoo it to my arm and yours... Continue Reading →

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