End of day thoughts. And a silly poem.

Sinus Cacophony by Sheila Dougal Should be sweet voice Soft child speak Should be jolly laughs Make smiles peak But throbbing face Every sound creates Sinus Cacophony  And that's about all I can muster today folks.  The sinus headache is in full force today.  Despite it's stabbing, throbbing anger, I really enjoyed every minute of… Continue reading End of day thoughts. And a silly poem.

A Man You Shall Be

Tomorrow, my youngest son turns 13.  His birth came at such a memorable time in my life. It was two days after Christmas and my marriage was in shambles. But God was with me!  God with us, who we celebrate at Christmas, was filling me with hope when I should have been in despair.  He… Continue reading A Man You Shall Be

Tidbits and a spontaneous poem on my longed-for miracle

    I watched Contagion last night. Seemed an appropriate way to end a day spent sleeping away some kind of virus that left me so dizzy and head-achy, I couldn't get up for more than 30 minutes.  It was my first night calling in sick at work, something I don't like to do. Today… Continue reading Tidbits and a spontaneous poem on my longed-for miracle

I need a Leak Healer

  Periodically I'm reminded... I'm leaking Out my eyes Out my mouth Everywhere I can produce nothing without the miracle of God. I'm like a bucket full of holes I can't hold water I can't achieve my sole purpose Fill me! Fill me! Fill me! I want to be filled. But I keep dripping Pouring… Continue reading I need a Leak Healer