Learning to breath like a Christian during a pandemic

Honestly I'm angry. It's 10 pm and I just made myself shut off my phone. What I read on Twitter tonight has me writhing in anger! I see people loosing their grip on their wealth and spinning the elderly and vulnerable as worthy martyrs on behalf of the American dream. It makes me want to… Continue reading Learning to breath like a Christian during a pandemic

My Psalm

How long? How many more days do I have to cry bitterly asking you how long? My heart is sick my hope is deferred my heart hopes for what I can't conjure. How long must I try to find a quiet place to get away from the constant strain of this yoke pulling me one… Continue reading My Psalm

Psalm 42- My paraphrase

Fathom Mag (my favorite Christian magazine) recently offered up a writing contest- your own paraphrase of a Psalm in honor of Eugene Peterson who recently went home. I didn't submit a piece to Fathom because I've done some re-prioritization this past couple weeks. I've stepped back from putting out effort to write anything besides my… Continue reading Psalm 42- My paraphrase