The problem with starting over and the hope of redemption

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on In the past weeks I've heard nearly the same quote from every weary person I've encountered, “I can’t wait for 2020 to be over.” Today, the sun rose on 2021 and death, disease and evil are still among us. Even in us. New years bring with them an idea… Continue reading The problem with starting over and the hope of redemption

My Psalm

How long? How many more days do I have to cry bitterly asking you how long? My heart is sick my hope is deferred my heart hopes for what I can't conjure. How long must I try to find a quiet place to get away from the constant strain of this yoke pulling me one… Continue reading My Psalm

Evidence of the Resurrection

On Easter Sunday an unbelieving loved one sat with me in church while the gospel was heralded and the very doubts and questions he has were exposed. This of course has created some interesting conversations in the last couple days. Questions about evidence. He wants evidence of the resurrection. I know there are smarter people… Continue reading Evidence of the Resurrection

Revive your heart for Easter: Look to seeds and plants

I’m not an apologist. I don’t know all the arguments for the evidence that the resurrection of Christ really happened. But I do know what happens to a seed when you push it into the earth. Throughout the Bible the image of seeds, trees and plants are used to describe the life of a person… Continue reading Revive your heart for Easter: Look to seeds and plants

Beauty in the messy business of loving people

We've been home from our wilderness retreat for over a week. While we were there I soaked up the beauty in the nature all around me.  The tall green Pines and Spruce and the shimmering Aspen made me feel like I was tasting a bit of heaven. I intentionally observed the creation around me and… Continue reading Beauty in the messy business of loving people

Wakanda and the King of Kings

(image credit) I watched The Blank Panther with my boys tonight.  To be frank, I'm getting tired of super hero movies. There are only so many things you can blow up and survive being blown up by.  But I liked this movie, mostly because it wasn't over the top blowing stuff up. I work with… Continue reading Wakanda and the King of Kings

We weren’t meant to die

I'm sitting here on this lazyboy in my grandma's apartment watching her breath while she sleeps on the couch. The television is playing dvd's she's created over the years with pictures of all that's important to her- her family.  Hymns and songs of worship that help her feel God's pleasure fill the room.  They're songs… Continue reading We weren’t meant to die