walk with me

man in black jacket near woman in white jacket surrounded by flowers
Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas on Pexels.com

Prone to wander
lusting comfort
you show up bidding me
to walk with Suffer.

Shrinking back I
do not like to think
about risks, adventure
much less Suffer.

But you kneel down
with tender gaze
take off my flip flops
saying, “These can’t stay.”

“You’ll need a shoe
fit for travel.
Sometimes rough terrain
sometimes there will be battles.”

I don’t think you understand
I slip them back on
I’m a slow-walk-on-the-beach kind
Not Joan of Arc strong.

“You are more lovely
to me than the ninety-nine.
Come away with me
walk, talk, abide.”

We can live here?
I point to the meadow.
It’s quiet and warm
There’s no need for Suffer.

“Get behind me liar!”
I look behind.
Who are you calling?
Why such disdain and fire?

“Your thoughts are not
on where I am going?
Do you want to go with me
even through suffering?”

I want to go with you
I do
I do
Don’t let me keep me from you.

Then take my hand
see how discolored.
Deep purple scars
I know Suffer.

I know how to walk
with her
through fire that proves
you a child.

Your eyes full of light
Your words, there is life
Your ways, upside down
Your love me found

How can I choose my
valley of ease
when you came to Suffer
and bought me free?

I’ll go with you
but I’m afraid.
Will you make me
strong and safe?

Come, come sister
come walk with me
I won’t do magic
but with me you’ll be.

I’ll give you courage
to face Suffer and stand.
I’ll not promise safety
but I’m good and always win.

Come walk with me
come hold my hand
walk with Suffer
to the promised land.