How Josh Harris and I Fell

Elevenish years ago I was ready to die on the mountain of the issue of women not working outside the home. Today I read this tweet from Jared C. Wilson: A few years back, I significantly reduced my exposure to Christian influences that prove more passionate about "issues" than Christ & I've been better off... Continue Reading →

Night sky speech

The moon looks like your gaze blazing light through the dark veil of night but I know it's just an illusion. I see the moon but I can't see you. You must be gazing brighter in a night darker tearing the veil cause I don't know another way. I can't see your light, but no... Continue Reading →


  “Help my unbelief!” Is what I pray most often. Because I don’t see you, I can’t feel you, and I seem to be the recipient of decreased sensation to your work. Chris was onto something, because I can’t smell the color nine either. There is this whiff, this glimpse I get like when a... Continue Reading →

3 Reasons I Got Up on Sunday

I woke up this past Sunday feeling heavy, tired and unmotivated. And honestly, I wake up that way a lot. On the energy scale of Eeyore to Tigger, I'm a notch or two above Eeyore. And my goal when I wake up is to just make it to the coffee pot.  There, I usually catch... Continue Reading →


I always look up when I talk to you The dark sky speckled with stars- so far. My little words from this two foot plot don't travel much. Certainly not way up there. I hang my head. Do you hear little speck-of-dust me? I close my eyes. You seem so too far. But the word... Continue Reading →

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