Learn from my mistakes

I've been married for over 26 years to a man I deeply love, a man who doesn't love Jesus with me. Through our hard marriage, God has helped me see the error of my ways and led me in better ways when it comes to loving my husband.  This morning, one of the typical tests… Continue reading Learn from my mistakes

A theology of loving your unbelieving spouse

A Facebook friend recently asked a question after reading my piece about the 8 words. Her question in essence was, "How does God want you to love your husband when he doesn't share the same love of Christ you have?" I'm not a seminary graduate, but as my pastor says, I am a theologian.  We all… Continue reading A theology of loving your unbelieving spouse

Common grace when you feel like you have nothing in common

I should be in bed but my other half likes to lay in bed and relax to YouTube videos of funny cats, and I want silence. I read Alia Joy Hagenbach's essay about the hospitality we must extend to one another in marriage. I feel the same. My marriage is an unlikely union. Even worse,… Continue reading Common grace when you feel like you have nothing in common