400 words a day: Evening Ritual

I read somewhere the other day that a writer should implement a practice of writing 400 words a day. Just to keep the word-crafting muscles warm. I thought I'd give it a go. I might not, scratch that, I won't share my 400 words here everyday, lest these pages read, "Yada yada yada..." 397 more... Continue Reading →


"There's lemon juice in my bones." The only way I knew to describe the pain as I grew. "I'm a dog, tail between her legs pouting under your table." My response to God's rule. Sometimes letters together form words flat linear toneless plain. Better to explore with metaphor. As Lewis mused of tunes we've never heard... Continue Reading →

body, bread and gummy fruit

I “teach” a preschool class at my church a couple times a month. It’s not really teaching, it’s an effort in preventing total rebellion amongst 4 year olds for 1 hour. This poem was sparked by how God always uses those kids to teach me what it's like to be part of his family. When... Continue Reading →

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