Two words I needed to hear this morning

1.Stop looking for the earthquake, wind and fire Sheila…He’s in the still, small voice:

As He did to Elijah, the Lord says to us, “I’m not in the wind, the earthquake, or the fire. I’m in the still, small voice, just whispering My will and My Word in your heart, leading you one step at a time, one day at a time, causing the circumstances in your life to work on you and direct you and guide you.” Elijah had to learn that God was not necessarily going to work in the way, at the time, and in the manner he recommended. And so must we. I am increasingly aware of the Lord working in still, small ways – that He’s not panicking, that He’s not frustrated, that He’s not trying to bomb and blast; but that He just works in spite of me. Listen. God will speak to you as well. He will direct you through His still, small voice. (From Pastor Jon Courson on Searchlight go there for the full devotional)

2. Stop trying to prove yourself Sheila, just be humble. Be glad to be a servant. Don’t worry about “big” things. Big things happen in humble obedience:

One excuse that is a catch-all for any failure to do our jobs is “burn-out.”…One reason is lack of humility. In our anxiety to compete, to prove ourselves, to be a success as the world defines it, we are wearied and overburdened. If we sought instead only the greatness of the kingdom, we would become childlike. The truly important things are hidden from the clever and intelligent and are shown to those who are willing to come and be shown, to put on the yoke Christ bears, which is the will of the Father. (From Elisabeth Elliot’s A Lamp For My Feet)


  1. These words remind me of the saying “an audience of one.” He is the only One we need to seek the approval of. I’m always searching my heart for my motivation of why I do things, even good things.

  2. RMyers says:

    I found you through biblical womanhood. While I am new to blogging, I am finding it a vast resource of encouragement and inspiration. I do feel a bit of an odd duck at times, because I’m not finding a lot of women that work outside the home, but I’m sure that will come in time as well. I look forward to reading more from you. . . please feel free to stop by my spot!Blessings, Rebecca

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