The Gospel

This morning I was gripped by a video I saw at Exemplify.

I hadn’t heard of John Piper (I know, you’re probably wondering if I live under a rock or something.) It’s so makes me tremble when I realize a little unknown housewife in Arizona is being burdened and praying for the same things that men of God are stepping out and preaching…and I had no idea! I’ve just been crying and praying and vidoes like the one I saw at Exemplify and this are like little reminders from God, “I’m sending out my message Sheila. Even if it seems where you are no one is preaching it, keep praying, I’m working.”

I’d encourage you to go watch the video at Exemplify and this one too. We don’t grow out of our need for the gospel. We grow up in it!!


  1. yes, YES! I love this!!!! One of my favorite quotes is by Martin Luther “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen.” How true is this! This is what we do when we write, when we blog, when we do whatever gift God has called us to. He takes it where He wants to take it. Love it!!!! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Anonymous says:

    A woman found,I have been so blessed by having John Piper as my pastor over several decades. So the info I am about to give does not come from a mercenary advertiser but from someone who wants to share a joy they have experienced.The website that John Piper is affiliated with has TONS of resources (over 20 years of sermons, articles, poems he wrote) free for the looking. Most can be read, listened to, or downloaded (MP3) for free.If this sounds interesting I encourage you to go to and explore a little bit. As an example, when at the website go to the “Resource Library” tab and then look at sermons, poems, or by topic on the left side.David

  3. LauraLee, thanks for the encouraging comment! David, I will go check out that website. Thanks for sharing it!Sheila

  4. Sheila, You will be MARKED for life by John Piper’s teaching. His books are unbelievable and his message is purely and simply: Christ Jesus. He truly has challenged me more than any other speaker to live for the glory of Christ wholeheartedly. Much love, Kristen

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