He speaks comfort to me

First, I just want to say thanks to you all who left such encouraging comments on my last post…I love the body of Christ!!!

He is speaking comfort to me in this wilderness. And it’s such a treasure to me!!

I woke up with this whisper going through my head, “Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness in intensity, but even though that intense time ended, the remainder of His days were marked by the same self-denial He stood firm in when He was in the desert.”

And so it will be for me, for I am IN CHRIST and HE is IN ME! His story is my story. His road is my road. His life is my life!

Reading The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee has been a tool of God to lift my head and set my eyes back on Jesus yesterday and today. I’ve been looking in…at self, at my feelings, at my circumstances, and through brother Nee’s teaching of the the blood of Jesus, the Cross of Christ, the resurrection of our Lord and my identity in Him, which means I live a life by faith (showing substance of those unseen things I am fully confident in), my head has been turned to looking again to the Author and Finisher of my faith!

What is in Christ cannot sin; what is in Adam can sin, and will do so whenever Satan is given a chance to exert his power. So it is a question of our choice of which facts we will count upon and live by: the tangible facts of daily experience or the mightier fact that we are now “in Christ.” The power of his resurrection is on our side, and the whole might of God is at work in our salvation (Romans 1:16), but the matter still rests upon our making real in history what is true in divine fact.” (From The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee pg.44)


  1. Anna says:

    It’s interesting that you say the comments to your last post gave you comfort. I was thinking when I read your last post that your posts were giving me comfort. I love the ways in which the Lord works!

  2. Chris says:

    I am so intrigued with this book from Watchman Nee-I will need to find it-my husband and I are desperately seeking God and His leading in our life-I suppose when we are dry, we really need to saturate ourselves in God’s Word in every imaginable shape-Bible, books, sermons, tapes, etc…Thanks for posting on your struggles, I will check back to see how it is goingBlessingsChris

  3. Sheila, you’re an inspiration, I can see. It always seems to be the ones that feel the deepest pain are the same ones who have the ability to see deeper into Christ.

  4. NiallMacC says:

    Like your new blog… You are so open, I like this about l you.I am going through a very bad time at the moment. My mum is starting to wind down and we as a family believe she will die in the next few months. She has been under the influence of a brother (10 kids all together) who is not saved and believes in every tripe doctrine possible, including the one where it is her fault she is sick because she hasn’t enough faith. Mum has had MS for over 40 years and can now only move her head off her chest a tiny bit and move her left arm…My brother lives in his own house but spends a lot of time with mum. Because of his influence in her life he got away with putting me out of the home for the past 3 years. When talking to him on Saturday I asked what I could do to help and he said to come back and sit with mum. I did that night and the persecution started straight away. I went over yesterday and we had an argument because I asked him a question about mum’s health. Now I have been told by him to only come 1 hour per day. I spoke to my husband and pastor about this and they agreed that out of the limited options it would be a good idea to go along with the 1 hour and be with mum rather than stirr up trouble during mums last days. (She isn’t saved) Dad died in December and I guess we are all a bit raw.I know what they said is good and right, I phoned my brother and agreed to visit for 1 hour each day but it doesn’t seem to help. Haven’t been over today yet, not been invited.I am just low and my thoughts seem to be on these problems a lot, an awful lot. I am praying and reading the Bible and as you see, blogging, reading my favourite Christian bloggers. It is hard and I know it is spiritual warefare. I know to count it all joy and that this trial will make me more like Jesus, and that is the cheif aim of the Spirit. I feel low about my sin and struggle with my thoughts…Please help, please pray!!!If you have any advice I would be very grateful…

  5. Niall (or is this Mrs. Nial- sorry, I’m assuming it’s the Mrs. :), anyway, it sounds like you are going through a hard time. When I read this post I just began praying for you. I pray you would seek heavenly wisdom and be obedient as the Lord leads you in this time in your life. I thought of the verses in 1 John that say, “By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us…” (part of 1 John3:16). That’s how we know love, by His self-sacrificing work. And that’s how other people in our lives will know His love too, by us dying to ourselves, laying down our lives so that others may see the truth, grace and mercy of God. I just pray that the Lord would give you such vision of His grace, that you would be moved obey Him and let Him live out that dying to self, redemptive love through you towards your brother. Also, don’t forget to pour out your complaints to the Lord (Psalm 142). He hears you! He is working all things for good for those who love Him and He wants to use you to draw others to Him. Praying for you!Sheila

  6. Thanks Sheila, when I left my comment on your blog I was sicned into my husband’s name and not ny own! My name is Ruth. Many thanks for your prayers, scripture and advice. I had a good talk with the Lord this morning and I also had a long chat with my sister and friend this morning and I feel much better.There is a lot mor to all this spiritually than I first thought and so I may keep going to my knees about it because it is all way above my head!Thanks again and may god continue to bless your whole life, family, church, friends etc…Ruth

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