"Look at them," God said.

As my heart continues to be stirred to reach out to others in Jesus’ name, prayerfully and trusting God to do a work I am powerless to do, God’s reminding me of something.

Tap, tap, tap, on the shoulder.

Turn around. Look at them.”

See that man. He’s poor, without the help I’ve provided for him if you don’t help him.”

See those two boys. They’re orphans without the mother I’ve provided for them.”

I’m using YOU Sheila, right now, to minister to the poor and the orphans by being a help and a mother.

Wouldn’t you be a help and a mother to someone else out there? If you would, then be a help and a mother to these three here.

And if there’s anything in you that does not think these three souls count as taking up the cause of the poor and the fatherless, then it’s because you think they owe you something.

If you thought of them as poor and fatherless, which they would be if I did not provide them you, then you would not think they owed you anything and you would give to them with the same zeal you think you would give to the homeless man or the orphaned child.

If you only think those people out there count as taking up the cause of the poor, the widow and the orphan, and fail to see the souls I’ve entrusted to your care, it’s because you’re looking for the approval of man.

No man approves of you when you help the man I’ve given you. No man applauds your generosity when you nurture and train the children I’ve entrusted to you. That does not mean you cannot reach out to those out there- I want you to. It means your heart will be right in it, a total offering to Me, if you first learn to serve Me through the three souls I’ve given you to help and mother right now.”

UNABLE TO SPEAK ME, trembling, saying, “Yes my Lord, You see me. Nothing is hidden from You,” in my heart.


  1. Luke says:

    Wow.Something I need to keep in mind as well. But it is so hard to keep up the joy of serving others when it becomes the mundane world of family life. Great reminder! ~Luke

  2. Captivated says:

    exactly what i needed to read this morning. thank you sheila for sharing this conversation with the Lord. as always, i’m blessed by your honesty and vulnerability.

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