Out of the mouths of babes!

My dear sister Captivated over at Trenkle Toes shared some quotes from her kids that made me smile the other day.

Today, while I was making lunch, my kiddos whipped out a few keepers themselves.

Here’s a little conversation that took place:

“God, please don’t let your Son die on da cwoss!” -Ryland (praying over his
tuna sandwich)

“Yes son, we’re glad Jesus died on the cross. Cause if he didn’t we’d be
in hell forever, but because he died we get to be in heaven forever with Him.” –
Mom, responding to Ryland’s prayer.

“But I don’t want Him to die!” -Ryland in tears

“But he’s not dead son! He died but he came alive again. Jesus is
alive!” -Mom

“Yep! God’s Fawder healed Him!” -Connor to Ryland

“Mom, can I have some horsepolish on my sandwich?” -Connor, asking for

“When God takes us to heaven will we see Moses and God’s Fawder?” -Connor

“Yes son, we will!” -Mom

I LOVE it how Connor refers to Jesus as God (which He is) and His Father as “God’s Fawder.”
I LOVE it how Ryland prays with such tenderness.
I pray my kids always have this same childlike faith.

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  1. Captivated says:

    oh, i love it! i felt like i was at the table about ready to nosh on a tuna sand myself.

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