Nurture and Admonition in a Journal

After reading a post by Lindafay over at Higher Up and Further In about how she started having her children start their own prayer journal, and after listening to the advice of a sister from my church about having my kids color or draw pictures of the stories or books (Bible or otherwise) they listened to as I read, I started doing the following with my boys.
I purchased a couple composition books from Walmart and during our daily morning routine of listening to God’s word, either being read by me or a teaching I heard online, I have the boys draw pictures of something they hear.
At first they just made stick figures of images that had nothing to do with what was being read or talked about from scripture. But within a month they’ve really developed a skill of listening and narrating through drawings what they hear. They’ve also come to really treasure their “prayer books” and grab them up quickly along with a pencil when I say, “Okay guys, meet me in the office, let’s worship Jesus together!”

The picture above is from my 5 year old. After the teaching was over, which was about Abraham and Sarah that day, I asked him what he drew. He told me, “This is Sarah and the three men and one was God’s Angel, and this is her in the tent and she was laughing.” I wrote “Sarah laughed” at the top of the page and put the date on it. But since then I’ve started writing their exact quote along with the date at the top of the page. This is a drawing from my 3 year old after a reading about Moses. He told me afterwards, “I want to pray for a Moses doll.”

These books are worth more than gold! I’m praying that they’ll be a treasured record of the nurturing and admonition God is doing in their little hearts.

What about you? Do you do anything special with your kids during “Bible time”?

***For more ideas or thoughts on teaching our kids God’s word you can visit my Timothy Moms blog.***

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