Cloud of Witnesses: Amy Charmichael


I haven’t done a Cloud of Witnesses post for a looooooong time! But I just had to share this quote from one of those dear witnesses, Amy Charmichael.

This is from The Edges of His Ways, the September 20th entry:

The thoughts of God
Think through me, thoughts of God, when I
have to deal with difficult souls. Let me see in each soul an opportunity to claim the powers of Calvary. Love through me, Love of God, love that hard soul through me. Flow through me, Patience of God, flow over the roughness of that soul even as the sea flows over the rough rocks. Hope through me, Hope of God. O God of Hope, hope afresh in me as I touch that soul again. Let me not remember past disappointments. Let me begin each morning with hope, as Thou dost begin each morning with hope for me, even me.


  1. Again, your quoting someone who helps provide the depth to my lifesong. I love this quote, this book, this author, and I love it that she ministers to you too. …even as the sea flows over the rough rocks, flow over the roughness of that soul…that’s truly what it takes to offer forgiveness and love to the unlovable sometimes. Magnificent.

  2. Mari says:

    I just love Amy Charmichael..thanks for sharing this quote. I read her biography and was blown away…I got one on a kid’s level for my daughter too! Awesome testimony and “witness”.

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