Spiritual opposition from Elizabeth Elliot

(image found here)

No one goes to church more than the devil does, and no one appears as an
angel of light as he does. We are in the thick of facing powers of darkness who
are determined to rob us of Him and rob God of us, and you and I, my brother,
have just got to hope in Christ and rely on Him for His Spirit to direct our
thoughts, our ways, and our works so that it is not us but Christ in us.

This is an excerpt from my emailed devotional by Elizabeth Elliot. Boy do I need this alerting reminder! The enemy wants to rob me of Christ and rob God of me and I’ve just got to hope in Christ and rely on Him and His Spirit to direct my thoughts, ways and works, so that itis not me but Christ in me!

Oh Lord I feel the weight and hear the confusion of the enemy pressing in and speaking poison. I will worship YOU! Though my mind is barraged with doubts and my performance is discouraging to say the least, I won’t hope in my thoughts or in my performance… I hope in You! I hope in Your rescue, Your salvation, moment by moment! Redeem every moment for Your glory Lord Jesus through me today! Let the enemy see His END because Your Love will not fail in me! Oh Spirit of Jesus encourage us today! Encourage us to speak by faith and look up by faith!


  1. Natalie says:

    Wow, that was very powerful. We must always be alert and armed with the Holy Spirit. It’s a scary world out there.

  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks for sharing the excerpt from your Elizabeth Elliot devotional, very powerful words spoken there. It reminds me of a Kay Arthur study I did years ago that spoke about wearing our full suit of righteousness”. Isaiah 59:17 BTW, I sent you a email with the letter in it. 🙂Hugs,Cindy

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