Staying accountable

How’s scripture memorization going for you all? It’s been such a comfort to me this month. Lots of changes are going on in this household and this homemaker’s tired! It’s been a challenge for me, especially the last 2 weeks to keep my eyes set on things above not earthly things with work decisions, school decisions, daycare decisions, getting a new car decisions, financial decisions, etc. facing me daily. Picking up my little spiral bound index card thingy with my memory verses on it has been a great source of comfort to me. I kinda feel like every time I’ve picked the cards up to read them I’ve been picking up the spiritual telephone to talk with my Almighty Dad/Creator of the Universe.

He’s lifted my head every time to fix my gaze above all the quesion marks and circumstances to His unchanging love and unmoveable power.

If you’re looking for a way to get started memorizing scripture I highly recommend the Living Proof Ministries blog (with Beth Moore). There’s a mass of women seeking to renew their minds through scripture memory there. The goal is to memorize two scriptures a month. Go here for more information and help.

I’ve decided to post a video of me speaking my memory verses for each month at the end of each month here at my blog just to help me stay accountable and connected.

So here it goes:

(such a lovely spot to capture me… aaaah!)
jan 2009 scripture memory from Sheila Dougal on Vimeo.

Redeeming the time

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