A long overdue recommendation

Back at Christmas I won a beautiful necklace from Tammy over at The Adventures of T and Super B. She has an amazing jewelry and gift boutique called Lily J Designs, where her handcrafted jewelry, art and gifts are sold.

I picked this necklace from my winnings back then and I LOVE IT!!!! Pink Sea Treasure:

I’m not much of a jewelry wearer, but when I get the chance I’m thrilled to wear this necklace! It’s classy. It’s simple. It’s just pretty! Every time I put it on my sons say, “Wow mom! You look sooooo nice! You look like a princess!” I curtsy and say, “Why thank you my young prince!” (( smile))

Tammy has many other gorgeous designs at her boutique! I encourage you to go visit. If you’re looking for an original, feminine gift for a lady in your life, I’m sure you’ll find it there! Mother’s Day is coming soon!!!

Thanks Tammy for a beautiful necklace I always look forward to wearing!

Isaiah 51:3

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